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7 Important Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Bringing your furry buddy along on a camping trip can be a lot of fun but this means packing some extra things for her, and thinking about her impact on environment, too. Before you head out to the Adirondacks, Death Valley, or Lake Tahoe, make sure you’re prepared for the trip.

  1. Plan – Make sure the place you are going allows dogs. Call the state park or campgrounds before you go to confirm that pets are allowed. Also, look up the locations of the nearest 24-hour emergency vet near where you are going.
  2. Be Prepared – Make sure their flea and tick meds have been applied before you leave. Pack food bowls, food, medications, and a first aid kit for your dog. If you can fit it, bring their bedding too. It’ll make for a relaxed pup. Don’t forget to bring bags to clean up after your dog too. Leave the environment as you found it.
  3. Keep your dog leashed – Even if your dog is great off-leash, a new place and unknown territory can bring about unexpected responses from your pup. She may want to explore and not be able to find her way back or a loud noise could startle her and she may run. Don’t use a flexi-lead or retractable leash. You can bring two leashes if you want, a 6ft walking one and a longer one so she can explore while on hikes. It’s also important for her own protection too to be leashed in case she tries to chase small animals or a large animal.
  4. Be mindful of your neighbors – While your dog might be very friendly, not everyone you’ll meet may like dogs. Other dogs may not be as friendly as yours too. If you run into someone else with a dog, talk to the owner and assess the body language both pups are displaying. Having your dog leashed gives you the control to pull your dog away if a play session seems unlikely.
  5. Reinforce commands – It’s easy for dogs to become excited and they may start misbehaving. If your dog starts to disturb wildlife, digs holes, or does other types of damage, quickly correct it like you would at home. Reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative behavior.
  6. No unwanted roommates – Nature has a lot of creepy crawlies, insects, and parasites. Apply flea and tick medication before heading out on the trip, bring your own insect repellent, and check your dog after walks in the woods for any bugs that may have hitched a ride. Don’t forget to check yourself too.
  7. Clean up – Just as you try your best to clean up your campground and take care of all your garbage, clean up after your dog. Even though your dog’s waste is biodegradable, it’s not indigenous to the woods. Make it a point to leave the the place in the same condition you found it in. Dispose of all garbage in the trash cans and use biodegradable poop bags which can be found in many pet stores.


On 25 May, 2017 By Kathy

<![CDATA[This Website Lets You Travel Around The World If You Agree To Take Care Of Other People’s Pets]]>Thu, 01 Jun 2017 01:36:55 GMThttp://geniebest.com/1/post/2017/05/this-website-lets-you-travel-around-the-world-if-you-agree-to-take-care-of-other-peoples-pets.html

Imagine yourself getting to stay at the most amazing accommodations when travelling – from French farmhouses to Australian beach villas – all in exchange for looking after an adorable furbaby. A company called Trusted Housesitters allows you to do just that for around $100 a year.

The concept is simple, yet genius – it connects people wanting to travel the world, but feeling guilty about leaving their pets behind, with trustworthy, vetted travellers who would love to look after their house and pets in exchange for accommodation.

To secure the most breathtaking houses to stay at, you’ll need to build a good reputation. But that’s relatively easy to do if you’re willing to petsit in your town in exchange for reviews. Your chances of scoring that dream mansion getaway are higher if you also make sure to get someone to write you a character reference and have your ID documents checked online.

Then you’re ready to hit the road and get to housesit that three-storey mansion you’ve always dreamed about – while enjoying the most charming four-legged company. Some people quit their jobs to do it!

Imagine yourself getting to stay at the top houses when travelling – all in exchange for looking after pets


A company called Trusted Housesitters allows you to do just that for around $100 a year


It connects people wanting to travel the world, but feeling guilty about leaving their pets behind…


With trustworthy travellers who would look after their house and pets in exchange for accommodation


To secure the most breathtaking houses to stay at, you’ll need to build a good reputation


But that’s relatively easy to do if you’re willing to petsit in your town in exchange for reviews


Then you’re ready to hit the road and get to housesit that three-storey mansion you’ve always dreamed about…


While enjoying the most charming four-legged company



On May 16, 2017 - By Natalie Holmes

<![CDATA[5 Tips for Moms with a Teething Baby]]>Mon, 12 Oct 2015 21:59:42 GMThttp://geniebest.com/1/post/2015/10/5-tips-for-moms-with-a-teething-baby.htmlCan't Stop a Teething Baby From Crying?
Lack Of Sleep Because Of A teething Baby - No More!
GENIE Best's tips for Moms and Mom-to-be
  1. Stay away from numbing gels. Numbing gels that contain Benzocaine are a no-no. According to Seattle Children's Dr. Mollie Grow, Benzocaine can have serious side effects. In the worst case scenario, it can also cause death. Bear in mind that numbing gels are only short-acting. Definitely not worth the risk and best to avoid them.
  2. Rub or massage baby's gums with a finger to help soothing the teething pain. Most parents are not aware that this traditional and natural method works like magic.
  3. Use teething necklace or bracelet properly. Remove the necklace or bracelet when the baby is unattended. Supervise your baby/toddler at all times even he/she has a safe sleep environment. 
  4. Teething symptoms are not as bad as you think. Teething is just one of the many things that make babies cry. Stop blaming teething for your baby's sleeplessness, crying and fever. Continue doing so you may be missing the real cause. During infant teething, a baby may be in pain or have some degree of discomfort. However, a significant amount of pain is not likely or plausible according to the popular blog Science-Based Medicine.
  5. Be creative. Frozen treats are natural teething remedies. For example, put together a mixture of Greek yogurt, coconut water, sugar and fresh fruits. Make these treats more delicious with your baby's favorite cookies.
For parents who are looking for BPA-free products for their teething baby, you have no doubt heard of teethers or teething toys.

GENIE Best offers certified and safe silicone teething relief toys in different designs (train and hippo) and colors (chartreuse green, mint green, violet red and scarlet red). And what makes them the absolute best teething solution include but not limited to the following:
  • soft, non-toxic and chewable silicone baby teething toy for baby teething relief, also a sensory toy for babies to develop cognitive and social interaction skills
  • 100% safe, made of high quality food grade silicone (met both European and North American standards with SGS/LFGB/FDA/CE certification)
  • attractive and colorful design
  • dishwasher and freezer safe, washable and heat resistant

This is going to sound rather unscientific - and hey, we are no scientists - but we think of it in the same way we think of how medicine is able to effectively do its thing when we swallow a painkiller. Once a teething baby starts using a teether, change happens quickly. He/She forgets about the gum ache.

For what it's worth, it's not just us who think GENIE Best teethers are one of the single greatest, does-what-it-says-it-will products of all time. Turns out, all of their customers who used their teethers for their teething babies said they noticed immediate results with these silicone teething remedies than other teething options they've tried. That's huge.

What customers are say about these teethers:
  • The best teething product that I have seen in years. Chris
  • Awesome Teether! this is a LIFE SAVER for Moms with teething toddlers! Delina
  • Glad we purchased the Genie Best Silicone Teether for Babies. My granddaughter loves it! Ileen
  • Wonderful teething toy for you little one! Emtynestmama
  • The cutest and easy to handle for little hands! Just My Opinion
  • Sturdy and safe gnawing. Julie

If GENIE Best teethers do not deliver the results you're looking, there's a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee so you don't have to worry. And if you're looking for the best natural remedy for your teething baby or your best friend, you will consider it the best money you've ever spent.

Update Summer 2016: The awesome team at GENIE Best is extending their limited-time offer to you. Follow this link to get their certified and BPA-free silicone teether at a substantial discount plus four bonus items. Free shipping if you are an Amazon prime subscriber.

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