100% Safe Pest Control for Your Family

Need to get rid of unwanted house guests? (and we don't mean family members)



electronic pest control

CHEMICAL FREE:  Emits powerful ultrasonic sound waves at random time intervals (harmless to humans and pets).  Our pest repellers randomly alternate frequencies between 25 kHz to 65 kHz to ensure the pests do not grow accustomed to the device.

KIDS AND PET FRIENDLY:  Our electronic pest control devices are safe and non-toxic for your home and family.  This device provides coverage up to 500 ft. depending on your layout.

UNLIMITED USE:  There is zero maintenance without any need for refills.  Easy to use by just plugging it in.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE:  We value customer satisfaction.  In-house quality check on products and a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


ultrasonic pest control